Smartphone Styling and Photography Workshop with Michelle Cann

Smartphone Styling and Photography Workshop with Michelle Cann


Would you like to learn how to create beautifully styled images and flatlays in your own home or business?

Michelle Cann (Mich) is a local business owner (String+Salt / The Colours are Brighter / Cleaver Salumi Cabinets / Spice Oddity). She has a background in communications and design and a personal passion for creating beautiful and interesting things. You see her sense of style and practiced eye shining through the imagery in her social media accounts, websites and visual merchandising in her retail outlets and cooking school.

Mich knows first-hand the pressures of running your own small business and the importance of being self-sufficient when it comes to creating social media content. While she loves picking up her SLR camera in her down time, Mich embraced shooting and editing on smart phone to save time and money. So we are really excited that she’s going to pass on her experience to help you confidently craft and shoot your own styled images.

'Flatlays' are everywhere on social media. Whether you are a brand, influencer or a tiny creative, flatlays are a particularly good way to showcase products for Instagram, Facebook ads and online shops. They look easy to achieve but a lot goes into making a good flat lay pop! Mich will show you her tricks and techniques for making flatlays and styled product shots work.

This four-hour workshop is designed to help you develop your own personal style and teach you how to master lighting, styling and composing images which 'draw the eye in' and work a little harder to promote your products and grow your audience.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Business owners, employees or social media managers who have products that would benefit from professionally styled imagery without the budget to spend.

What will you learn?

  • Intent and Purpose - How do I want my image to feel and how to achieve it?

  • Becoming a Light Seeker - Learning to find and control light and shadow.

  • Constructing your image - Four techniques for laying out and building an image and when and why to use each method. 

  • Embracing backdrops and props - how to create a story with materials and tools, styling tips for different/ difficult products and objects.

  • Editing at your fingertips - best smartphone apps and tips for enhancing your images (and saving them form disaster).

  • Shooting for text - how to make space for post production additions.

What is included:

  • Grazing lunch, tea and coffee - and maybe a gin and tonic to loosen up the brain.

  • A styling goody bag for when you get home.

  • Access to a great props table - greenery, flowers, feathers  stationery, brushes, trinkets, coins, ceramics, tiles, boards, succulents, icing sugar, cookies, etc

What you will need to bring:

  • Smartphone and charger

  • Notepad

  • A couple of your own products or objects to photograph

Because of the hands-on nature of this workshop, we are limiting the numbers so please book early.

When? Sunday 3rd March from 10am-2pm
Cost: $205 (inc GST)
Location: Mac&Ernie HQ 1/97 Queen Street, Warragul
(above The Gazette/opposite the railway station).

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