Five tips for an instant social media makeover

1. Do your homework

I hope you look at your insights, I really do! They are an absolute treasure trove of information about who you are speaking to. Remember, unless you pay for extra reach, your followers are the people who will see your posts. You want them to engage (like, comment, share) because that's how your audience can organically expand outside your existing followers.

For example, if you think you are talking to 25-35 year old women and you skew your posts that way and the reality is, most of your followers are men in their forties; you are never going to get any engagement. So please check your demographics and make sure your content is right for them. If they are not your target audience then you need to address that.

2. Be very clear about your offering

Fill out your entire profile and page with lots of very clear information about who you are and what you do. Your potential customers can access this information through the facebook search function and also through google. Facebook also uses this information to determine whether or not to suggest your page to people. So don't skimp on details, put it all in there and use lots of relevant keywords. Think about the search terms people might use to find you and make sure they appear in your about section or better yet, your unique URL.

3. Make the path to purchase super easy

This is often overlooked. Don't make the mistake of trying to be 'non-salesy' on your page. It's great that you want to chat to people and make them feel comfortable but if they head off not knowing how to purchase your product or service, that's not great...List your products and services, make sure you have reviews (if relevant), add pricing details, put a direct link to your online shop or best contact point and make sure your posts often include a call to action. Remember that your followers don't see every post.

4. Mix up your content a little

Don't always just share from Instagram to Facebook. Yeah it's easy but it decreases your reach, gets boring and the tags don't cross over. At the very least, head into Facebook after you share and tidy it up. Your content on both should differ somewhat. As your audience grows you can also repost the good stuff you did early on.

5. Invest in good quality photos and/or videos

An investment in photography is always worthwhile, especially for products. Talk to a local photographer or perhaps a photography student and see what they can offer you. While you're getting your products shot, make sure you get some of yourself and your team too.


Want more? Book a workshop or a one-on-one with me and I will send you home with a deep understanding of these powerful platforms and how they can work for you.