Five changes to make to your social media content in 2017

Here are five changes to make to your marketing and social media content to set you on the right path this year. If you have any other suggestions, please drop them in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.

1. Be more customer centric.

Put aside what you want to tell people about your product/service and start thinking about what they want to hear from you. People are getting more and more discerning about who they follow on social media. If you’re not offering solutions or value of some sort through your content, you are missing out on actually engaging with your followers and growing your accounts. It’s easy to see in your insights what is resonating with your audience so keep an eye on what is working.

2. Stop focusing on the numbers.

This is particularly relevant in regional areas. Chasing big follower numbers can be a pretty disheartening goal. Focus instead on connecting with everyone who follows you. Watch your insights, respond to comments, connect with people on a personal level. Ask them questions, find out what they want or need from you and just generally BE there. Social media is not a set and forget marketing platform, it’s a constantly changing world and new people will come across you every day. Throwing big dollars into ‘likes’ campaigns or even purchasing followers (please don’t do that) will bring up your numbers but if you don’t engage with those followers, they will drop off and you will have wasted your money.

Note: Check in regularly on who is engaging with your content. If it’s mostly friends and family and they aren’t customers then you’re missing the mark. While it’s lovely of them to support your business, you need to be connecting with actual customers.

3. Be different. 

Find your uniqueness and weave it throughout your content. Different is better than being better. 

4. Don’t be afraid to sell.

By doing the above, you will build a relationship with your followers and they won’t mind those reminders that you are a business. Don’t be afraid to sell your products and services in an authentic and customer-focused way. Again, if you get to know your audience, you will know how softly or how aggressively they will allow you to promote to them. 

5. Create better content.

People expect a certain quality of content to appear in their feeds. There are countless tools available, ranging from free and up that will help you to make your images and videos of a consistently high standard - a standard that matches your brand and elevates the perception of your products/services. 


If you’d like to know more about creating effective social media content, please get in touch or book in for one of my workshops or personal training sessions.