How to repost content in Instagram

This is one thing I am asked all the time, so I thought I would cover it off in here and hopefully stop all the screenshots and cropping still going on. I live in hope that Instagram will one day add reposting to their list of features but until then...

The app I use for Instagram reposting is called ‘Repost’ and it is an approved app so it’s safe to use. There are many other apps that perform this function but I think this one is the best and if Instagram approves it then that's all I need to know.

How do you use this app?

If you are using Repost then you just find the image you want to share in Instagram and tap on the … (the three dots to the top right) then tap ‘copy share URL’. Exit Instagram and open Repost. You will see the post you want at the top of the list in Repost. If you click here you’ll see a little video of that part of the process. 

Next you tap on the post you want in your list and choose if you would like to keep a tag on the photo / move it / remove it*. When you hit ‘Repost’ it will give you some sharing options. Choose Instagram and it will open the shared post into your Instagram app where it will feel more familiar to you.

At this point you can choose ‘paste’ to copy their original caption into your caption box. OR you can copy their caption into something like the ‘Notes’ app on iPhone and then you can compose the rest of your post in notes and copy that into the Instagram caption. I generally find this is safer and easier and Notes will allow you to add line breaks and spell check for you which is a bonus.

*Whatever app you choose for your reposting, make sure it allows you to choose the position of the photo tag or remove it, otherwise it can sometimes obscure text or generally not add much value to the image. Repost will charge you only a few dollars to be able to remove the tag and I think that’s worth it. 

What are the rules?

Everybody has a different take on this stuff but I am one of those people who likes to colour within the lines when it comes to content. Being honest and respectful is always the best way to go with business so with that in mind, I've got a few suggestions below.

  1. Always credit the source using an @mention so they know you’ve used their content. Sometimes you can follow a path back to the original source if you like or you can say @blahblah via @blahblah2
  2. Don’t adjust other people’s images ie. crop, add filters or words to it. This goes particularly for photographers' and artists’ work.
  3. Ask permission if there’s a child in the photo unless it’s clearly a product shot with a model (sometimes bloggers will use their own children though so if you're unsure just ask).
  4. Don’t repost images from private accounts that you follow unless you have permission.
  5. When it comes to the caption, you do not have to use their words or hashtags. You can use the image to emphasise your own point, as long as it’s clear that the image is reposted and not your original work.

Reposting inspirational quotes

These may work well for your brand. Most quotes you find online are free to use, as long as you attribute the words to the right person. What you don’t have to do, is repost blurry or poorly designed graphics - you should just remake your own graphics in your own design style but that’s a tip for another day. 

I hope that helps you!

Click here to go to the app store and get the Repost app. It's available for Android too, click here.

If you’d like to learn more about Instagram or any other social media channels, I would love to chat so please get in touch.