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Empathy marketing: what is it and how can you apply it?

Truly understanding your customer is the first step towards knowing how to market your products and services in a way that is helpful rather than just advertising. Read on for some easy steps to guide you towards developing content that will resonate with your customers and hopefully lead to a greater connection with them.

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How to prioritise your time spent in social media

Social media can be very time consuming. Sometimes it’s hard to justify and sometimes it just gets left behind competing priorities. Read more about how to prioritise your social media accordingly and grab a few tips on how to be more efficient with your time on these channels.

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Should I run a Facebook or Instagram competition to increase my followers?

If you're looking to increase the number of followers on your Facebook or Instagram business pages, you might be tempted to run a competition or giveaway. But have you really thought through how that might work and whether or not this is actually good for your business? Here are my thoughts...

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